History of the Game

Imperial Twing is a very old magical fantasy card game played by wizards, witches, mages, sorceress and many other in The Empire. The origins of Imperial Twing are lost in the mists of time, but it has been around for centuries. 

Although the basic game play has remained more or less unchanged over the centuries some cards have been adapted over time.

Imperial Twing fantasy card game

The game itself symbolises the ongoing fight to become a part of the Empire’s ruling class. 

The current form of the game reflects the ruthless task to become the Imperial Vice Archmage and the constant troubles of everyone trying to control the magical Orn. The Orn is the force behind all magic, easy to use, but difficult to control.

The stories told to explain the goal of the game changed often over time as they at all times mock the Empire’s ruling class.

The Story of Imperial Twing

In its current basic form the fantasy card game of Imperial Twing is explained to novices in the following way:

The Empress reigns over the Empire, as everyone knows. 


As we all know as well, the Emperor, leader of the imperial legions (and thank god just that), stands steady at her side. 

HAIL TO THE EMPEROR …. if you must.

AND as we unfortunately all know, the Imperial Archmage, holder of the wisdom of the magical Orn, is the third most powerful person in the Empire. 

Do you really want to Hail to the Archmage?

Tricks, intrigues, plots and many other vulgarities characterise the relationship between the Emperor and Archmage as they constantly seek the approval of the Empress.

Now, it is still rather unknown what really happened, but it seems that somehow the Archmage messed up, or perhaps he got messed up by the Emperor.

Anyway, for whatever reason the Archmage isn’t currently capable of fulfilling his duties to the throne. There are many stories as to what happened, especially the one about cupcakes. I personally don’t believe it happened in the way any of these stories describe it. We can discuss possible scenarios what happened during the game.

A fact is though, that imperial decrees were sent out to all wizards, witches, sourceress, mages and many more capable of controlling the magic of The Orn, announcing :

In order to open up new career perspectives the Empire seeks a Vice-Archmage!

The one who is able to get hold of the Magical Teddy of Agony and two other powerful magical objects and the one who is capable of controlling The Orn sufficiently by initiating and successfully completing the final magical ritual will thus become Vice-Archmage.

And so, here we are.

Witches, wizards, mages, sorceress and many more eager to grasp this career opportunity, willing to deal with anyone standing in our way.

The Aim of the Game

You are a witch, wizard, mage, sorceress, or other character capable of controlling the magical energy of The Orn and you’re striving to become the Vice-Archmage of the Empire.

Use and develop your spells, enjoy your steadily growing entourage of grim looking creatures and battle your competitors with everything you have, all the while hoping that the Orn is on your side. 

Imperial Twing - Water Sorceress

Collect, steal, or conjure the magical objects you need. Most importantly, get a hold of the Magical Teddy of Agony* to become the victor of Imperial Twing – the fantasy card game for everyone!

As soon as you have the necessary magical objects you can initiate the final magical ritual and if your control of the Orn is sufficient and the ritual releases its power, you become Vice Archmage (at least, for now ;).

Fantasy card game fun for the whole family!

Imperial Twing is a fun fantasy card game can be played with 2 to 4 players (or more if you play in teams) and is suitable for children from the age of 8 years, adults (of any age) and families.

* it is rumoured that the Magical Teddy of Agony is in fact only one of several extremely powerful magic objects which are in the shape of a Teddy Bear. The location and function of the others is currently unknown, and the matter of great speculation amongst users of The Orn …

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