Imperial Twing – the fun, fantasy, fast paced strategic card and dice game for 2-4 players.

Cast spells, recruit critters, battle your opponents and hope The Orn is on your side while you fight your way through to win the prestigious title of Vice Archmage.

Imperial Twing (image credit APairOfMeeples)

Imperial Twing is a fast, tactical, and strategic, turn-based card and dice game for 2-4 players. The engaging game mechanics guarantee tension and high replayability. Gameplay is between 20-90 minutes and suitable for players from age 9.

Image by BoardGamesB7
  • Use your spell and critter cards wisely to create powerful attack and defense combinations
  • Hope that The Orn, the power behind all magic, is on your side
  • Roll The Orn die to determine the power of your attacks. 
  • Use cats and traps to twist the outcome of a battle in your favor.
  • Team up with other players in 3-4 player games
  • Get hold of powerful magic objects which provide you with special abilities
  • Change your tactics while you and your opponents become more powerful throughout the game
  • Collect at least three magic objects to enter the “endgame” and battle for control of all magic objects
  • Be the last one standing with any magical objects left at the end of the game
  • Then you have won the game of Imperial Twing and will be granted the prestigious title of the Imperial Vice Archmage.

Introduction by Stella & Tarrant of Meeple University

How to Play by Stella and Tarrant at The Dice Tower

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